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Metal extrusion is a metal forming process in which a work piece of certain length and cross section, is forced to flow through a die of a smaller cross sectional area, thus forming the new cross section.

The length of the extruded part will vary, dependant upon the amount of material in the work piece and the profile extruded. Numerous cross sections are manufactured by this method. The cross section produced will be uniform over the entire length of the metal extrusion.

Hot Extrusion or hot working, involves working a metal above its crystallization temperature. Hot working has many advantages in the improvement of the mechanical properties of the part’s material. Impurities in molten metal combined together in masses upon hardening, forming solid inclusions within the metal. These inclusions cause weakness in the surrounding material. Hot working causes these inclusions to break up and distributes them throughout the mass of metal. Large, irregular, columnar grain structures are usually present in cast parts. We provide complete extrusion parts based on customer’s requirements.